General questions

Logomaker123 is simple and easy, just follow the step below

  1. Fill in your Brand name
  2. Choose a logo
  3. Edit your logo with our logo maker.
  4. When you like the logo, you can save your design for later download or checkout.
  5. Make the required payment and download your logo’s image file.

At Logomaker123 we have 2 options.


  1. It includes a large JPG(Joint Photographic Experts Group)and PNG(Portable Network Graphic ) Files with a minimum resolution of 1000×1000 and a maximum of 3000×3000 pixels.
  2. The JPG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) file has a white background
  3. The PNG Portable Network Graphics )file has a transparent background


  1. Everything what you need
    It has 128 variations of your logo files that will help to promote your brand through different channels
  2. Resources  for Youtube,, LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy
  3. Large Wallpaper of your Logo
  4. Watermark
  5. Your logo in black and white
  6. 3 different Vector versions: PDF, SVG and EPS
Yes you can. In our logo maker you can download your own custom design. When you Finished you can download.
Yes you can with the everything package. You will receive a vector file, called EPS. This file you can use to edit your logo. You can find this software on the internet and many are for free.
All your saved logo designs and purchased logo designs can be found in the ‘My account’ section. Simply select “Download” to download your files.
Yes, we will send you immediately the link for downloading to your email address . The second option is that you can find this link in my account.

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