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1. The design is free!

You can design your own unique logo for free. Choose between 10.000 different designs. Change colors, fonts, lay-out or text, add photo’s or icons anyway you want! All to create your very own professional logo. Whether that’s for your new business, a festival you organize or a private event. You’ll find your logo at LogoMaker123! Designing your logo is free. Like what you see? Then download it!

2. It is easy to do

No matter if you work on a Windows or Apples PC, or if you are on your tablet or phone. There is no need to download complicated software. In just 3 simple steps you have your own logo! Just fill in your business name, select your desired business logo category and choose the logo design of your choice. Done. Want to make sure you will have an unique, personal logo? You can also change colors, fonts or size or add photos and icons. Just as easy.

3. LogoMaker123 is the best logo creator tool there is

With over 10.000 designs to choose from and 500 new designs added each month the sky is the limit! The ability to customize each and every design guarantees you a unique, professional logo.

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Everything you need to create a stunning & beautiful Logo !

LogoMaker123 is the best logo creator there is! Within 3 easy steps you can create your very own professional logo in minutes. Choose from 10.000 designs. Download your logo and customize it anywayyou want. Designing your logo is free and easy. Happy? You can save it for free! Want to start conquering the world with it? Once you’ve downloaded it, you can use your very own logo immediately!

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